Mediation Services
Mediation Services

Business negotiations done without litigation

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


Mediation Services
Mediation Services

Business negotiations done without litigation

Mediation vs. Litigation

Avoid expensive legal fees and litigation that seems to drag on with no end in sight.  Resolve your legal dispute quickly and efficiently without the hassle of the complex legal system.


Mediation can protect ongoing business and personal relationships, eliminate impasses in negotiation lending to quick resolution of differences, and diffuse emotionalism in family court matters such as divorce and child custody negotiation. 


Our  professional mediator is an experienced attorney, judge, juvenile officer, and social worker. He has provided alternative dispute resolution services in the Southwest Missouri region since 2003.


Put simply, for all disputes, mediation is less expensive than litigation and "just makes sense". 

Our Services

We provide professional mediation services for:


  • Business Mediation – contract, partnership, account, supplier disputes, etc. Rule 17

  • Community Mediation – neighborhood disputes, restorative justice, etc. Rule 17

  • Construction Mediation - building, remodeling, repair disputes, etc. Rule 17

  • Consumer Mediation – retail complaints, warranty, account and credit disputes, etc. Rule 17

  • Education Mediation – school relations, special education, staff and student, peer disputes, etc. Rule 17

  • Elder Mediation – elder care, end of life, and estate planning disputes, etc. Rule 17

  • Family Mediation – divorce, custody, parenting issues, separation, parent- adolescent, permanency planning, child support and property distribution, etc. Rule 88

  • Personal Injury Mediation – automobile accidents, premises liability, assaults and other civil claims for injuries and damages, etc. Rule 17

  • Workplace Mediation –  employee-management disputes, discrimination, personnel policy disputes, etc. Rule 17

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